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How it all started!

Back in 1908, Walter Geipel founded a company to manufacture rosin for string instruments in Kirchberg, near to the violin-makers' town of Schönbach. The excellent quality of his products soon ensured worldwide export and a successful business.

After WWII and relocation to Pfarrkirchen, the company was moved to Bubenreuth in 1953.

At the new location, the company diversified from rosin production into making pickguards for electric, Western, and folk guitars. The production of picks, finger and thumb rings for guitars rounded off the product range.

In 1965, the rapid development of the business brought a considerable expansion in capacity as well as enlarged production premises.

Geipel is proud of the excellent quality of its products, as
is confirmed again and again in letters from professors at conservatories and soloists with famous orchestras. The products from Geipel are subject to stringent quality control
and a constant effort is made to improve quality still further.

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